With the dust settling of the 2020 election, there is a lot about the results to be broken down that will help us understand the direction of US politics.

Expectations, The Results, and Why They Occurred

All polling and forecasts leading up to the election indicated we were going to see a blowout for Biden, gained House seats for Democrats and a more likely than not possibility they would take the Senate. With Trump being unpopular, coronavirus raging, and the economy on the downswing, all of the indicators for predicting a presidential election would back up all the polling we…

The outcome of this ballot measure will impact worker’s rights and the nature of work itself for the next decade or more.

The moment AB 5 had passed, a California law to make companies like Uber, Lyft and Door Dash treat their drivers like employees rather than independent contractors or drivers, began to wage an all-out campaign to see it repealed. Over the past decade, the “gig economy” has grown exponentially. Rather than a single full-time job being sufficient for those to meet their basic needs, more people are working multiple part time jobs or gigs to make less money…

As mentioned in my previous writing about California’s ballot initiative system, Prop 13 has been an iron pillar in California politics and policy making. By massively lowering property tax revenue in California, it has imposed decades of austerity in California and a confounding revenue structure as well as contributed to massive income and wealth inequality. Years there have been talks of changing this and making it so that property taxes are properly being paid. Prop 15 is the first real proposal that has significant support capable of contesting the expected backlash opposition from the rich and powerful.

Prop 15 would…

Every election cycle, there are substantial issues at play in California. Rent Control. Death Penalty. Drug Prices. These all come up through ballot initiatives, at times more important and substantial than any legislation passed that year in the state legislature. Ballot propositions have always been a hallmark of “direct democracy” making each and every one of us our own lawmaker. If there’s an idea we like or don’t like, we get a simple up or down vote.

Since 1912, ballot initiatives have had a large role in California. Much of California’s own problems can be traced back to propositions from…

Analyzing cancel culture from a socialist perspective

Caveat: I think this is a mostly meaningless exercise, that I am mostly just doing for myself. This is a pretty meaningless issue considering the state we’re in with the miserable government response to the pandemic and the fight against police brutality throughout the country. I will say I do not think I have anything unique or useful to add to these conversations. We know both these issues and the struggles with them tie into the fact the left does not have its own independent institutions ready to create or obtain power, and…

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Part 1 of a 2020 Campaign Post-Mortem — A Loss Four Years in the Making

In the week following Bernie Sanders dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, there have been numerous articles seeking to explain why the Sanders campaign lost after their strong initial 3 week run from Iowa to Nevada. All of these lay the blame or focus their discussion around niche campaign messaging and strategy concerns, as many of these post-mortem articles tend to do. While some of these critiques might be valid, tunnel visioning on these issues leads to an incomplete analysis and does a disservice…

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Kamala Harris’ record is so appalling that to support her means throwing black and brown people under the bus for nothing but symbolic progress

All politicians and candidates have bad votes or past bad policy positions. In a country as far to the right as America, this is a reality. Some of these politicians never change or shift, some change their positions at opportune moments like when running for higher office, and some genuinely change their policies and platforms. What tells the difference between opportunism and genuine change is how they respond to the grassroots pressuring them, the timing in…

Principles get cast aside as the new bail reform bill is drastically changed

For the past two years there has been a strong push for bail reform in California, as it is one of the biggest incarceration states in the country, a substantial portion stuck in pretrial detention because they can’t afford cash bail. Last year SB 10, a bill that would eliminate cash bail failed in the California Assembly by just a few votes even though Democrats have large majorities in the Assembly and State Senate. Up until just two weeks ago the bill was on ice. What has…

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How the founders of Crooked Media hope to mold the grassroots response to Trump

The founders of Crooked Media are all mostly adept political operatives. All of them are directly connected to the Obama campaign or administration. While the Obama administration had several missteps, the 2008 and 2012 campaign were masterful as they beat out the establishment Clintons in the primary and veteran John McCain in the general and trounced Mitt Romney after a disastrous 2010 midterm election. …

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We need leaders that demonstrate courage and rage in these desperate times

The past few weeks have been some of the worst since Trump was elected President. We have seen the Trump administration escalate its plans of ethnically cleansing America by detaining families, denying asylum, and violently ripping people off the streets to throw them into detention centers. Supreme Court has upheld Trump’s Muslim ban, given a green light to racist gerrymandering, amongst other bad decisions. He’s likely to get another appointee to the court as well. To describe these as injustices does not properly describe the depths of the…


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